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If you ever find yourself in Boise, Idaho, don’t be surprised if you hear the locals talking about a certain “WiseGuy.” WiseGuy Pizza Pie is slinging pies and toasting toppings anywhere from a good ‘ol pepperoni to roasted red peppers and bacon, and the downtown Boise location is hopping with pizza-lovers who are raving about the pies, and the atmosphere. And as luck would have it, they offer Gluten Free, too!

WiseGuy Pizza Pie offers Gluten-Free crusts delivered from Cloverstone Gluten Free Bakery in Ketchum, Idaho. WiseGuy owner and General Manager, Ryan McDonald takes great care in creating delicious and safe Gluten Free Pies for his customers. “We try to take every possible step in eliminating any contamination of the Gluten Free doughs all the time.” says McDonald, who’s safe handling practices exceed a simple swipe of the counter. “We do not use our pizza peel that we use for our regular pies but rather we use a clean pan and use cornmeal instead of semolina flour to get the pie off the pan.” WiseGuy also sweeps clean their stone deck Bakers Pride ovens before baking the pizzas. “When it’s done cooking we use a clean and specified spatula to remove the crust as well as using a specified slicer to cut the pie.”

The Gluten Free crusts currently are offered in a 10″ size. You can choose your own toppings, or pick from specially crafted “Real Fancy” pies. McDonald’s favorite? The Metro Guy! With an olive oil and garlic base, topped with arugula, spicy chicken, caramelized onions, feta, and here’s the kicker- thinly sliced lemons. “It’s light but has tremendous flavors.” says McDonald. ” The bitterness of the arugula, the spice from the chicken and the sweet and sour from the lemons all make this pie crazy and amazing!”

WiseGuy Pizza Pie has 3 locations for you to get your gluten free grub on at, Boise, Ketchum and Hailey . Ryan McDonald and the staff of WiseGuy Pizza Pie are happy to discuss their Gluten Free pies and crust availability with you, and can be reached at 208-336-7777.


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