Gluten Free Travel Meal Boxes

Introducing...Be Free Village!

Introducing Be Free Village.

In September of 2012, ten strangers met for the first time, unsure of where the journey would lead. All ten team members were full-time employees in other professions working to build their careers. The spark of creative thinking and entrepreneurship empowered them to create an idea that may not change the world for everyone, but will take strides to change it for many.

The platform that started the adventure was called B|Launched: a competition designed to bring big ideas to life by taking members of the Boise Young Professionals, a program of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, and pairing them with two seasoned entrepreneurs as mentors to create new businesses in the Boise Valley. After three months of generating ideas, four teams presented their plans to a panel of business leaders.

Competing against three other teams of like-minded entrepreneurs, Be Free Village took first place and received seed funding to get started.

Where do we go from here, and what exactly do we hope to become?

Be Free Village is a brand on a mission to become the trusted name for travelers with dietary needs.

Be Free Village is a brand of resources, products and convenience. A balanced box of healthy products, specifically designed for travelers with dietary needs, will be available for purchase soon.

Why create a business around the dietary needs for travelers? Living with a food allergy can be frustrating, especially for someone who travels. For people who live a gluten-free lifestyle, getting access to products on the road is even more difficult. In an article released by Food Navigator USA in December 2012, statistics showed that almost a fifth of the population (18%) is buying gluten-free products. Airports and hotels offer a number of amenities, but it is rare to find a robust allergy-free section in their mini-marts.

We want you to be a part of the process. So what are we asking from you? Follow us. Tell us where we should be bold. The journey is not about us, it is about serving our customers.

Have an idea? We want to hear about it. Get engaged. Ask questions. Let us know what resources you trust so that we can build products and a community you trust.

For now, we promise to be everything we can for you and hope to have you as a part of our family. We are more than just a brand or another product, we are a village that takes a stand to be different. Join the village, become a part of the movement, and be free to live the life you dream of.


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