Gluten Free Travel Meal Boxes

Our Gluten Free Meal Boxes

Be Free Village offers gluten free boxes two different ways, we supply retail outlets smaller “on the go” GF boxes and we offer delivery to destination. This means you can order one of our snack packs specially designed for longer trips. Below you will find information on both.

Working with a registered dietitian, we have assembled a variety of gluten free meal boxes that contain individually packaged snacks for your traveling convenience.  Not only are each of our items are Gluten-Free, we have taken it one step further. Each of our boxes, if eaten together, contain all of the nutrients needed to be a complete meal so you can focus on enjoying your travels instead of reading labels.

We offer 3 different sizes of boxes with our delivery to destination. We have a 3 Day Road Trip, 5 Day Voyage and 7 Day Adventure

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