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Celiac Awareness Month 2015


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Celiac Awareness Month

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, 1 in 133 people have celiac disease. With 1% of the US population living with celiac, that is a lot of people to celebrate with this month!

One of the more challenging aspects of living with celiac disease is traveling and eating away from home. Without full control of all gluten-free ingredients and preparation in the kitchen, a celiac person could be quite nervous to eat outside of their own kitchen. Planning a gluten-free trip can be very daunting but with a little extra preparation, you can travel worry-free this celiac awareness month. Our mission at Be Free Village is not only to provide travelers with gluten-free snack packs, but to support and encourage the gluten-free community to travel the world.

Here are some of our top Be Free Village tips to make your gluten-free travel experience a success:

Do your research before you leave home. When planning a gluten-free vacation, the Internet is your friend. Search for gluten-free friendly restaurants in your destination city, local health food markets, and even other gluten-free travelers who have left positive reviews on travel sites. Bookmark your favorite sites and add them to an online map to use while you are on your trip.

Use a professional. Not everyone wants to plan their own vacation. Many people are more comfortable traveling with a tour provider or using a travel agent to book their trip. Today, there are travel companies and agencies that were founded by people with Celiac Disease who understand the difficulties of gluten-free travel. Let the professionals do the research for you.

Tweet, tweet. Connecting with fellow gluten-free travelers via Twitter is a great way to get tips about your travel destination. Look for hashtags such as #GFreeTravel, #glutenfreetravel, and #celiactravel. You can also connect with bloggers and locals in each city to ask about gluten-free recommendation.

Join us (@BeFreeVillage on Twitter) as we co-host a Twitter chat with Erin of Gluten-Free Globetrotter (@GFGlobetrotter) on May 6th at 9pm EST/7pm MST for an hour of gluten-free travel tweets. Click here for more information.

Pack a bag. Even the most experienced gluten-free traveler feels more comfortable with a bag of food nearby. Buy a soft-sided cooler and stock up on your favorite gluten-free food before you leave for your trip. If you are flying, be sure to leave the liquids at home

Shop and ship before your trip. Do you want a welcome package of gluten-free snacks waiting for you when you check into your hotel? Be Free Village will ship you a 3-, 5-, or 7-day gluten-free snack box right to your hotel. This saves you the hassle of making room in your suitcase for all of your gluten-free snacks.

Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month with BeFreeVillage

Order a Be Free Village box from us throughout the month of May using promo code gfreetravel for 15% off your order.  

Share your positive experiences. When you get home from your gluten-free vacation, be sure to tell others about your trip. Share your gluten-free food photos, leave a positive review, and tell others about all of the delicious gluten-free food you ate while away from home. Hopefully your tips will encourage another person with celiac to book a gluten-free trip.

Celebrate celiac awareness month by packing your (gluten-free) bags and traveling the world!

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