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Adventure in Tofu-land


Mar 27, 2014 Blog, Product Review, Recipes, Savory , , , , , 2 Comments

This isn’t a recipe, per say, though you could certainly follow my steps to make your own stir-fry, but more of an account of my first time cooking with tofu.

I have found a correlation with my gluten-free friends and their appetite for tofu. Vegetarian or not, they rave about this block of soy. I didn’t get it. I had tried it before, but it’s soft and mushy texture was un-appealing and left me questioning why anyone would voluntarily incorporate it into their meals. Then, I was given a hint: buy firm and learn how to prep and cook it correctly. So, I took a stab at it.

I began with a brick of plain, firm tofu. The first trick was to extract excess liquid. I placed the brick on a plate, and then added a weighted plate on top. I allowed the brick to sit for about an hour. The excess liquid was pressed out of the brick, adding and extra firm texture that was ready to soak up flavor! I then chopped the tofu into bite sized pieces.

Next, in a mixture of gluten-free soy sauce, garlic white rice vinegar, and toasted sesame seeds, I let the tofu sit and absorb the sauce before sautéing the tofu in a hot and oiled wok. This wasn’t a quick process, as I found that the tofu with the longer cook time created a tasty, crisp texture and packed a lot of flavor.

Way tasty! Now I understand why my gluten-free friends found tofu especially appetizing. It holds a slight bread/yeast like flavor that many of us gluten-free folks miss and crave, but also a texture that is moist and chewy. It’s delicious!

Because I have had my fair share of pastas as of late, I decided to lighten up this recipe by steaming a bag of broccoli slaw to create a veggie like noodle. This alternative is delicious, healthy, and not to mention incredibly easy! I tossed in a very small amount of rice noodles, and a can of (my favorite) water chestnuts for an extra crunch.

So there you have it, a successful first attempt at tofu. Delicious and easy! How do you like your tofu? Let me know!


  • Camille
    Mar 27, 2014 at 4:46 pm Reply

    Yum! I’m gonna have to give that recipe a try. I love tofu, it’s so versatile. You could also do a similar preparation and then bake it instead of fry it, I just did that a few days ago. Different flavors though, I tossed it with some salsa and sriratcha, and the baked it for like 10 minutes, flipped it over, baked for another 10. Was great in veggie burritos with beans & rice & lettuce and lime. Yummers!

    1. Jodie Reynolds
      Apr 1, 2014 at 9:35 am Reply

      That sounds amazing! I have heard baking was a great way to prepare tofu. I think I will try that next time. Cooking it with less oil would be nice, and I preferred the tofu pieces that were crisp and fully cooked, which I think I could get with baking. Hmm, maybe I will pair it with some Engine 2 brown rice tortillas? Yum!

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